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Wynwood Homes

Wynwood is a trendy arts hub. The Wynwood Arts District contains over 70 galleries, museums and collections. It is the center of “cool” in Miami right now, drawing in thousands during Art Basel for its pop up parties and galleries and inspiring unusual collaborations between musicians, artists, graphic designers, commercial brands and all kinds of creative types.


The streets of Wynwood are bustling; the once quiet neighborhood surrounded by warehouses is now in the midst of a gentrified renaissance. Enjoy clever plates of food al fresco in a café or scope out the Wynwood Walls, a giant set of outdoor murals decorated by some of street art’s most famous names including, Shepard Fairey of the Obama Hope poster fame. Some have called the entire Wynwood area an outdoor street art museum, unrivaled by any other in its mix of high-brow artists joining in on the up-and-coming scene and street artists who claimed a wall as their own.

Wynwood is a neighborhood in the City of Miami located north of downtown and roughly bounded by NW 36th Street (north), NW 20th Street (south), I-95 (west) and NE 1st Avenue (east).
Gallery nights are held monthly, and the area is bustling during many of the annual art fairs held in Miami. 

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