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Sunny Isles Homes


Surfside is about simple pleasures with a mile of pristine beach, luxury beachfront hotels, distinctive world-class shopping and culturally diverse restaurants. A variety of family friendly activities and yearly events adds to the secret charm of Surfside.

Small bistros welcome strollers for a casual meal. Just south of Surfside, the North Shore State Recreation Area offers an unspoiled beachfront nature preserve and picnic area. Surfside also has a lovely oceanfront community center.

As part of the Art in Public Places initiative “Tales of the Surfside Turtles” is on view in the town’s business district on 93rd Street between Collins and Harding Avenues. Featuring fiberglass turtles created by local artists, the project brings awareness to the endangered loggerhead turtles indigenous to the area. The turtle sculptures are unique and display a range of artistic creations including underwater escapes, mermaids, and vibrant abstract drawings.

Incorporated in 1935, Surfside boasts many homes built in the Art Deco style and streets named after famous writers and poets, including Abbott, Byron, Carlyle and Dickens.

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