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Now is the time to invest in Fort Lauderdale Real Estate 305-929-3326

As Fort Lauderdale’s local economy grows, so does interest in the Fort Lauderdale real estate market. Right now, investor demand and capital availability are set to increase next year, new businesses are opening and job opportunities are on the rise.

What’s behind this phenomenal rise in Fort Lauderdale’s current real estate trend? Its reputation as the yachting capital of the world has long-secured Fort Lauderdale as a popular tourist destination for affluent travelers. But, it’s also quickly becoming a destination for luxury living.

“We’ve seen major developers that have typically done work in Miami and New York shifting their focus to the Fort Lauderdale market, including projects as notable as the Four Seasons,” says Joline Bolick, CEO of Got-Florida Realty. “They have recognized the need and opportunity to develop the product type that is commensurate with the discerning demand and expectations of a global traveler and buyer.” Here is a closer look at some of the luxury Fort Lauderdale properties on the market today that you can invest in.

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